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Building models of historical interest is fascinating work.

These projects invariably require researching the archives of available data on a ship to ensure technical accuracy and the building of a model that faithfully replicates the ship itself.

With many of these ships there are differences of opinion as to what constitutes "authenticity" regarding the detail that should be shown at a particular scale. Certainly the discussions going on in model building circles about the Titanic are a good example of how research data is evaluated.

Some of our clients wish to do their own research, in which case we shall build a model to meet their requirements based on drawings, photographs and other information supplied by them. We provide the technical advice and guidance on how to evaluate and interpret the raw research data, thereby ensuring that the model we build is accurate in every detail that can be shown at the scale in question.

Alternatively, we can build models based on our own research subject to authentication by a competent person appointed by the client or a recognised body or organisation such as a maritime museum.

Here are examples of scale models built by our craftsmen. Behind each thumbnail are enlarged images showing greater detail.


Queen of Bermuda

Queen Mary



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